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AVO EXPORT is a sustainable partner promoting “Made in France” quality produce. As a result of trustworthy and long-term partnerships, AVO EXPORT establishes a genuine agreement of trust with its selected growers. The Scandinavians are partial to quality and French products and the Scandinavian market is experiencing a large rise in demand for France’s constantly diversifying produce. Are you a French grower with the desire to develop your market, particularly export, via a long-term partner who has knowledge in the export and development of “Made in France” produce? Are you looking for a partner you can trust in and who has knowledge of French terroirs as well as the logistics of international export? If so, AVO EXPORT can become your partner.

Product quality

Quality control of the produce through excellent quality management as well as a regularity of produce thanks to real partnerships with our selected growers. The result of a successful union between the terroirs and the growers’ know-how.

Production method monitoring

Due to AVO EXPORT’s proximity to the growers, monitoring of the production method can be easily carried out prior to any purchase. The growers’ know-how is thus promoted on the Scandinavian market. Equally, specific quality demands can be met.

A sustainable partner

With its 40 years’ experience in exporting French produce, AVO EXPORT has established long-lasting and successful relationships with the growers. Know-how, quality and trust are the values that guarantee a successful business partnership.

New additions

AVO EXPORT is extending its field of expertise beyond its primary area of fruit and vegetables. So, in the footsteps of the sweet chestnut or the Aquitaine Caviar, perhaps you might have the next new exclusive product for AVO EXPORT. If so, let us know.


Originally a fruit and vegetable merchant, AVO EXPORT is now recognised as the leading exporter of French food products to northern European countries. Our mission is to build trusting relationships with the growers and to discover new products in order to satisfy the evolving markets of the northern European countries.




Our Values Promoting French growers’ know-how
Satisfying Scandinavian consumers with our French know-how.

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